Keeping it Fresh.

Just a few ideas of how to use all the goodness you’ve got stocked up in the fridge.


Chicken Stock:

  • Make soup of your choice.
  • Freeze extra –
  • Frozen stock is great for cooking your favourite grains in, or making all kinds of sauces.

Lentil Soup:

  • Serve with fresh baguette, cornbread, cheese, sliced ham, or just let it shine solo.
  • Take it for lunch the next day. Pack in a jam jar to avoid spilling and have a readily microwavable container (just remember to take the lid off before starting the microwave).
  • Freeze any extra –
  • Better than canned soup and almost as fast for a busy day.

Puréed Beetroot:

  • Eat for lunch with carrot sticks, sliced apple, tuna salad, and turnip pickles. (Use the pickles the way you would would crackers, and pile beets and tuna on top.) 
  • Breakfast of rice, chickpeas, beetroot purée and poached eggs.
  • Spread over toast for an afternoon snack next to a cup of green tea.


  • Warmed in a pan with beans (chickpeas, romano, or kidney) and topped with hard-boiled eggs.
  • A crunchy finish for simple noodle soup.
  • Next to roast chicken and vegetables.
  • On a burger (veggie or carne) or sandwich of your choice.
  • Mixed with greens and basic vinaigrette for a more substantial salad.



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