Keeping it Fresh.

Just a few ideas of how to use all the goodness you’ve got stocked up in the fridge, while keeping your meals new and exciting. 


White Navy Beans:

  • Simple bean salad: chilled beans, minced garlic, honey-mustard dressing. Serve solo as part of an appetizer plate or with quinoa and greens for a complete meal
  • Make soup
  • Make a variant on hummus, but with white beans instead
  • Freeze


  • After chilling, slice and fry on gentle heat, top with jam and over-easy eggs for breakfast
  • Polenta Pizza – while still warm, spread your leftover polenta in an appropriately sized pan. Chill in fridge. Top with whatever veggies you want, tomato sauce, and grill under broiler until veggies are cooked and polenta crust is heated through.


  • As a side dish to any meal.
  • Cold, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and tossed with greens for a refreshing salad.
  • With that fried polenta and eggs (skip the jam) for breakfast.
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