Getting it Done.

It seems highly likely that some of you at least, will get tired of hearing me talk about how much I love cabbage. So I will try not to be over-the-top enthusiastic. Instead I will simply say that savoy cabbages were 2.29€ each this week, looked like this


and one has already fed me for four meals, with at least two meals still to go.

Voila – the mysterious “Veg” of the meal plan turned into braised cabbage with dried apricots and apple slices on Saturday with the pork, a fantastic slaw topped with red kidney beans and an orange juice and honey dressing, and will probably also be seen in the form of kimchi later this week. 

For my pork chops I wanted to cook them gently at a low temperature. First though, I got this awesome chutney started. Then I sliced savoy cabbage, an apple, and a few dried apricots, tossing them all together in the bottom of a roasting pan. I added salt and a cup of apple juice to the bottom. Covered, I slid this dish into a 350 degree oven to start cooking before putting the chops on top.

Half an hour later I turned the oven down to 325 degrees and, after salting and peppering, put the pork chops directly on top of the vegetables.

Right before the chops were done I took the cover off, flipped the knob to “broil” and let the chops get a little bit of colour for about two minutes on each side. Yum! 



Tuesday is my day for really setting myself up. I start my daube, cook beans, bake my cake and roast the butternut squash I will need for soup the following night. 

Then, because I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, I also put on a pot of this garlic lemonade. (it’s good; Alana of “eating from the ground up” promised in her post that it would taste good, and it lived up to expectations. It’s making my cough feel better as well.) 

Another tip for the week is to soak your rice before cooking: this unlocks some of the nutrition and cuts down the cooking time, which is especially welcome for brown rice. This trick works for all of your grains actually. Just cover with water before you leave the house in the morning and when you come home you’ll have super grains! 

Happy Cooking. For the current condiment craze check out “On the Side.” 

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