Keeping it Fresh.

Onion and Apricot Chutney

  • Serve on top of baked pork chops
  • Make savoury crêpes or pancakes with fried eggs and chutney
  • Hamburgers
  • Any kind of sandwich you can think of

Jewelled Rice

  • A warm side to any protein of your choice
  • A cold salad mixed with greens and topped with hardboiled egg at lunch
  • Warmed, for breakfast, with poached eggs or sausage


  • Eat out of a mug in the late afternoon for a warming snack
  • Send your daughter to school with it, so she too can avoid the dripping noses of wintertime
  • Sprinkle chopped ham on top and make biscuits for the side

Pudding Cake

  • Leave out the plums, substitute the golden syrup with honey but cut by half – serve as a moist and wintery breakfast bread. 
  • Think about it all day long but resist eating a piece until the sun slants through your windows in just the right way and the warmth of your tea  mug seeps straight into your knuckles
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