Planning Ahead.

I look at my schedule and try not to blink too fast. What with heading to Nice for Carnival, three group presentations coming up this week, and completely full days of classes (I’m talking 8:30am – 8:30 pm) it looks like it is going to be tough finding time to cook.

Add in the complication of getting myself ready to board a train on Friday morning, along with the fact that the grocery store closes in less than an hour when I sit down to tackle my meal planning and you can understand why I’m trying not to blink.


I think fast –

Chicken Soup with Buckwheat Scones*Pulled PorkYam and Coconut Curry. Quinoa Salad.

Done; planned; ready – let’s go week, I can take you on.

*I made the buckwheat scones, really I did. They were terrible. Not, I think, because the idea of buckwheat scones is bad, but because I (as per usual) didn’t follow a recipe. Perhaps the buckwheat is different in France, perhaps I was just way off the mark, but they tasted like glue. I’m going to work on this one and in the mean time, Green Kitchen Stories has come to my rescue with these delicious looking corn biscuits. 

Find a game plan of how to unroll your week (or at least how I did) here at “Getting it Done.

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One thought on “Planning Ahead.

  1. Judy Murphy on said:

    Katherine: Always follow recipes when baking! Honestly.

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