Serious Snacking.

This week things look a little bit different around here. There’s two reasons for that. One is simple – I’m currently riding high speeds trains from one French city to another, eagerly seeing as many sights and eating as many good meals as I can. Needless to say, there’s no meal planning involved, only restaurant finding. 

The other reason things look different is more permanent; I’m trying to create something here that helps you all eat a little bit better and be a little bit more creative in the kitchen. However; the amount of writing I have been doing each week for this blog is unsustainable right now. Plus, I don’t think the current model of posting everything all at once is proving to be very friendly for finding what you want. I’ll be playing around a little bit to find out just what my voice here will be. Until then I promise only that you’ll have something, anything, to read every Thursday that is somehow food oriented. There will also be photos. 

Today there are snacks. 


One of the things I fear most when traveling is being caught, blindsided really, by hunger that hits unannounced, hours from any respectable meal time. It feels extreme to call it fear, but I worry about it, I really do. 

There are so many things to see and places to go when you’re on a trip that if hunger hits unexpectedly plans can easily get derailed. So to prepare for the next ten days which will be spent away from home and my regular eating habits, but with a ton of super cool places to see, I have packed a serious snack kit. 

There are homemade granola bars, adapted from this recipe; dried fruit – mango, prunes, and figs; trail mix; a couple pieces of fruit; and hard boiled eggs. 


My criteria for a good snack is simple. It needs to be transportable, not too sweet, full of easy to accessible energy, and delicious!

Granola bars are substantial, you can sit down no matter where you are and in three minutes you feel like a better person already. Making your own allows you to control the levels of sweetness while opening doors for a million different flavours. 


Dried fruit it perfect for an energy crash. It sends a jolt of natural sugar straight to your blood stream and is compact and easy to carry. A couple dried apricots and a handful of nuts takes me a long way in the afternoons. 

Trail mix offers variety. It also gives you something to munch on when you might be tempted by something else salty and crunchy. Pack it full of whatever dried fruits, nuts, seeds, or chocolate you want. 


Fresh fruit is more satiating than dried fruit, but it also boosts your blood sugar levels immediately. It’s also refreshing and energizing in a way that a lot of snacks aren’t. 

Hard boiled eggs are a true protein punch. One or two of these and you’ll be able to make it to just about any of your destinations. They last really well out of the fridge as well, you don’t have to worry about eating one even twelve or more hours after you leave. Just be considerate when eating – not everyone appreciates the smell of boiled eggs. 

If you want some more ideas for serious snacking try this link. This one too. Happy Snacking.


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