A Bevie of Options.

What do you drink on a regular basis? Are you one who carries a water bottle with you everywhere? Or do you stop habitually for your morning coffee? Perhaps you drink pomegranate juice cut with something bubbly. If you’re lucky enough to live near Nourish do you stop sometimes for my all time favourite beverage, their Sparkling Nourishment? Is it wine with dinner? Smoothies for breakfast? Tea in the afternoon? 


The thing about beverages, is that they are often loaded with sugar, tend to be expensive, or (like alcohol, dairy, and coffee) are unfriendly to my digestive system. It means I drink a lot of water.  


Because of this, de-chlorinating my water has become habit. What you see in the above photo are my two jugs of water that are normally tucked into an alcove next to my kitchen sink. 

Water will naturally de-chlorinate if you leave it uncovered for twenty-four hours because the chlorine simply evaporates. The effect? Not only does your water taste better but you eliminate an unnecessary additive in your system. 

Use multiple jugs to ensure that you always have pure water. This way you can use them in rotation, allowing enough time for the evaporation process. This is also the best way to dechlorinate water if you want to do any fermenting projects – chlorine kills all of the good little guys you need for the chemical reactions. 


 However, years ago, during a particular bout of February blues, my father came up with a simple and rather brilliant solution for brightening up the day: Sparkling beverages. Something effervescent to lift the spirits; something we might not normally think to drink; or  something a little bit special because we all need treats in dark times.  It can be as simple as a tall glass of span pelligrino with slices of lemon or lime.


In this spirit I’ve been making a lot of my own ice tea this winter – simply brew your favourite tea as normal, let it cool, and then refrigerate. If you want to add a little sweetness I suggest adding a tablespoon of honey while your tea is still warm. It’s not sparkling, but it is a way to drink something delicious without spending a whole whack of money. 


Rooibos makes some of my favourite ice tea. It also happens to be good mixed with fruit juice. Just this week I made Rooibos and Orange Juice Sangrias – equal parts white wine, iced rooibos tea, and orange juice.

The nice thing about making your own beverages is you have a lot flexibility to play around with mixing and creating your own drinks, and (as with everything you prepare yourself) more control over what goes into your body. Not only is there more choice about what to drink with your dinner, but you can choose drinks that will boost your spirits and your immune system at the same time. 

For a couple of warming winter brews I have been dying to try check out this link. This one too.

If you too are wary of the nagging winter cold try this or this.

Happy Drinking, whatever it is you choose. And remember – spring is just around the corner! Chin up, we’re almost there!


I’ll cheers to that. 




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