The Goal.

The Goal is simple: to create nutrient dense meals full of flavour, texture and colour as economically as possible. That doesn’t mean I won’t splurge sometimes, cooking and eating are two of the most important and enjoyable things that I do on a daily basis. What it does mean is lots of vegetables. I love vegetables unashamedly in the way that I used to love my “kitty cat blanket ” as a five year old. They comfort and inspire on the dreariest days. They are dependable  in all seasons and on any continent. Without vegetables in the fridge I feel a little bit lost and like something bad might happen and I won’t be prepared.

“Simply Eating” is a documentation of the way that I prepare for the constant movement that is daily life. Flying between school, social life and work it can be frustrating to come home to an empty fridge. It is, I suppose, a new years resolution to not have that happen anymore. And so,”Simply Eating,” evolved. There are ideas on how to prep up ahead of time so that dinner can be thrown together in thirty minutes or less, suggestions for quick and healthy snacks, and shameless indulgences for when you have time to play in the kitchen.


Get in there and have fun!



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