Cauliflower, blanched.

Blanched veggies are a god send in my opinion. They are fast, simple, and if you have leftovers you can put them straight into the freezer* for next week.

Simply bring a large pot of water to boil, with or without salt, on the stovetop. Salt will add flavour, but you can always season the cauliflower later. I tend to blanch without salt and just taste the veg. While water is coming to a boil, cut your cauliflower head into florets and then wash. Cutting it first provides more surface area for the water to access as well as opening up nooks and crannies that are hidden while the head is whole.

Peel 2-3 cloves of garlic. (Garlic is optional but I find it adds great flavour to simple vegetables without using salt.)

Once water is boiling add garlic and cauliflower, bring back to a boil and cook until just tender – 3-8 minutes.

*Freezing vegetables:

If you want to freeze your own vegetables, it is easy and economical. Simply blanch your vegetables according to the recipe above (time varies depending on the vegetable) and then immerse immediately into ice cold water. Blanching stops the enzyme activity in the vegetables, preserving colour, texture and nutrients in the freezer. For me, cooking alone, I’ll blanch an entire head of cauliflower and freeze a portion of it immediately. Two birds with one stone, dinner and prep for the future all in one go.


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