Jewelled Rice.

Jewelled rice is as easy to make as regular rice, and adaptable to the flavours of almost any meal. 

You need:

Nuts of your choice
Dried fruit of your choice
A spice (or two) of your choice
Fresh herbs of your choice (optional)
Water and/or stock of your choice. 


For every cup of rice, add a handful of nuts, a handful of dried fruit, and 2-3 tbsp of spice to the pot before cooking. The nuts soften as they are cooked but retain some crunch, providing texture as well as a little extra protein. The dried fruit softens and expands while lending a hint of sweetness to the dish. Putting the spice directly into the rice creates a more complete infusion and adds colour to the dish. 

If you are using fresh herbs, chop them coarsely and mix them in once the rice is done cooking, but while it is still warm. The herbs will wilt a little but still have all of their flavour.


Suggested combinations:

  • Hazelnuts, dried cranberries, and rosemary
  • Almonds, dried apricots, curry powder, and parsley
  • Raw cashews, raisins, turmeric, and mint

Additionally, cooking your rice either partly or completely in stock (chicken or vegetable) provides a lot of flavour with zero effort. Now that’s my kind of dish. 




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