Polenta is a fantastic and easy side. It’s versatile as a leftover, full of flavour, and gluten free to boot.

I’ve used this link for making polenta before, leaving out the dairy for my sensitive tummy. I don’t know however, if polenta in France is different, because I bought polenta this week that is ready in five minutes. Five! Now that is efficiency. I recommend following the directions on whichever brand of polenta you buy, because from the sleuthing I have done, cooking times range from five minutes up to an hour.

What I will say about polenta, is that whether it takes five minutes or an hour to cook, it’s very low maintenance and equally good for breakfast as for dinner. Polenta can be served warm just after cooking and has the texture of hot cereal. It can also be chilled in a container in the fridge and sliced while cold as if slicing bread. Or this week, I had the ingenuity to spread my warm polenta thinly (1 inch thick) on a plate and refrigerate that way, making a perfect ready to go gluten free pizza crust.

polenta pizza


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